Truth be told, you need to know Core Maths even before you dive into concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. By Maths, I do not mean your ability to compute result but to enjoy the essence of Mathematics.

Remember, Building a house often starts with strong foundation by digging the ground. I have realized that a similar strong foundation is required to learn AI/ML. That foundation is Mathematics.

Here are the Maths resources you need before you jump into core concepts of AI/ML.

Linear Algebra

By Prof. Gilbert Strang, MIT OpenCourseWare
Link To YouTube Video

Essence of Linear Algebra

By 3Blue1Brown.
Link To YouTube Videos

Essence of Calculus

By 3Blue1Brown.
Link To YouTube Videos

Probability and Uncertainty

By edx.
Link To edx Page

Wait, if you don’t know Data Structures, you will need to learn that too. If all these looks unfamiliar, you better start with Data Structures first.

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